Benagil Cave

Benagil Cave SUP Paddling

Benagil Cave SUP Paddling: Our early morning Stand Up Paddle Tour visits this world famous cave in groups of not more than 4 people.

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There’s no doubt about Benagil Cave being cov­ered as a top des­ti­na­tion in buck­et lists as “must experi­cence before you die” all across the inter­net. And maybe you came across this mag­nif­i­cent nat­ur­al trea­sure because of the most stun­ning pho­tos in the well known Social Media chan­nels the “Algar de Benagil”. Per­haps now the time has come to wit­ness it in the Algar­vian hol­i­days by yourself?

We cov­er this dream­like des­ti­na­tion through one of our most pop­u­lar SUP Tours: SUP Sun­rise Benagil Cave tour.

Since our tour starts ear­ly in the day, you’ll be able to expe­ri­ence this mag­nif­i­cent mar­vel just by your own or in our group of 4 peo­ple max.

Our SUP groups are no larger than 4 people

It has var­i­ous rea­sons why our SUP groups hold no more than 4 peo­ple. First­ly, this allows our par­tic­i­pants a real­ly inti­mate expe­ri­ence of this world famous cave. Sec­ond­ly, we start rather ear­ly in the day before the whole touris­tic machin­ery awakens.

Rest assured, to expe­ri­ence this mag­nif­i­cent cav­ern by SUP pad­dling in the qui­et ear­ly hours of a wak­ing sun­ny day gives you a real­ly unspoilt aware­ness how it must have felt hun­dred years ago.

And there’s even more:
As the sun ris­es (and some few oth­er enthu­si­asts may arrive at the cave) we will be pad­dling on in our Stand Up Pad­dle Tour to vis­it var­i­ous oth­er nat­ur­al gems like Nat­ur­al Arch, Car­val­ho Beach, Corre­doura Beach, up to Mosque Beach where we all have a recre­ation­al break with fresh­ly squeezed nat­ur­al juice and local baked cookies.

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SUP Sun­rise Benagil Cave Tour
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Our Benagil Cave SUP Stand Up Paddle Tour covers many highlights

Mosque Beach, Algarve

Just to name one of the many high­lights we encounter dur­ing our pad­dling along the Algar­vian coast­line: Just look at this most mag­nif­i­cent rock for­ma­tion, called Nat­ur­al Arch, Algarve, just before the Mosque Beach.

You will silent­ly glide under those giant archs and with some luck, you will be accom­pa­nied by dolphins.

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