SUP Highlight Quinta do Lago

Quinta do Lago SUP Paddle

Stand Up Paddle is the ideal sport at the sand sheltered beaches of Quinta do Lago.

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Finally discover the fascinating environment of Ria Formosa Natural Park and witness the beauty of its fauna and flora.

Do you truly want to experience the authentic calm and quiet of the sand sheltered beaches of Quinta do Lago?
Do you want to connect with the unspoilt surroundings of a cornerstone of Algarve’s famous Golden Triangle?
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Our SUP Beginner Ria Formosa tour offers enriching experiences even for beginners. Because of its ideal and unspoilt environment, you will have the opportunity to witness migratory birds nesting, Flamingos. Maybe the ones who look closely even discover the European Chamaeleon…

In contrast there’s our most romantic SUP Sunset Ria Formosa tour. It offers not only quiet and relaxing Stand Up Paddling. In this tour you and your beloved one share the beautiful experience to witness the sun sinking silently into the sea.

Those really are once in a lifetime experiences, and it’s memories will certainly last forever.