Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a small collection of questions one might have. If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to call me. I’m looking forward to clarify any question arising.

May I just rent the equipment?2020-02-16T18:11:45+00:00

Yes of course. During the season we provide a SUP Rental Service.

Please get in touch with us for further details or visit our SUP Rentals page.

How may I contact you on short notice?2020-01-25T15:45:58+00:00
  • Call John
What if the weather prevents SUP tour?2020-02-16T18:15:13+00:00

Whereas we do all in our power to ensure that the prevailing conditions are optimal for all your SUP activities, it’s almost inevitable that on some occasions (water current, weather etc.) we may have to defer or cancel.

Under such circumstances you would of course be entitled to a full refund if tour has been prepaid.

Do you provide transportation?2020-02-16T18:23:32+00:00

Yes, we certainly do.

  • Pick-up and return to your residence EUR 5 p/person/way up to 15 kms

For larger groups or special needs please call me to get a customized quote.

  • Call John

Yes, we certainly do.

  • Pick-up and return to your residence EUR 5 p/person/way up to 15 kms

For larger groups or special needs please call me to get a customized quote.

Will we spend a lot of time in the water?2020-02-16T18:23:53+00:00

As with all water-sports, of course, there is a chance that you will at some point get wet or take the dreaded plunge. Having said that, for many people, that is part of the fun.
However we use equipment that is very stable and the technical aspects of our instruction method ensures that you will spend minimal time in the water and maximum time on the board.

What if I’m not a good swimmer or can’t swim at all?2020-02-16T18:29:04+00:00

Your safety, comfort, enjoyment and wellbeing is our number 1 priority.

We are required by law, insurance and licensing to provide suitable flotation devices for each of our clients hence the use of lifejackets on our lessons and SUP tours.

We recommend that our clients, rather than necessarily being able to swim, we suggest that it’s more important to feel comfortable in and around the water.
We have hosted many clients who were unable to swim and they enjoyed tremendously.

What do I have to bring with me?2020-02-16T18:23:08+00:00
  • beachwear

  • head wear

  • drinking water, if needed

  • suncream

Do you take children of 7 years old? Or what is the youngest you take?2020-07-29T07:17:31+01:00

Over the years we have hosted mostly families in small and large groups. Our youngest client has been 4 years of age and our eldest 76.
We have special little `lollipop` paddles to accommodate the needs of the little ones. And children of all ages do very well as they have little fear, great balance and learn so fast.
All that’s left for us to do is impart clearly the techniques required and off they go.

We are very happy to host children young and old.

Where do we meet?2020-02-16T18:23:18+00:00
Tour Meeting Point
Sunrise SUP Benagil Sunrise SUP Benagil
Beginner SUP Ria Formosa Meeting Point Beginner SUP Ria Formosa
Sunset SUP Ria Formosa Meeting Point Sunset SUP Ria Formosa
Are we insured, just in case?2020-03-02T15:44:58+00:00

At ZEN SUP our first priority is your safety and wellbeing. We do everything possible to avoid any incidents that may lead to your needing to activate any insurance.
However we are required, by law, to have minimum insurance for all our activities and ZEN SUP complies with all such requirements.

What is included?2020-02-16T18:23:41+00:00

Although our different SUP tours may vary in their offer, and what we may provide depends on the size of your group as well, please find below the minimum you may expect from all our experiences.

  • 2 hours water time

  • short safety briefing and if necessary an introduction to SUP techniques

  • guidance and accompaniment by a SUP instructor at all times on the beach and on the water

  • highest standard of NAISH SUP equipment

  • life jacket and rash vest

  • wetsuit in XS-XL – if required or necessary

Do I need to have a good sense of balance?2020-02-16T18:25:29+00:00

We like to think that SUP is for everyone. And furthermore we like to think that if you practice SUP, the balance will come as a consequence of the practice.
We have taught hundreds of beginners who thought the balance would be a problem and it turned out to be the exact opposite.

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