Corredoura Beach

Corredoura Beach SUP Paddling

Corredoura Beach: Join us in paddling to this hidden treasure with its piraty charm on our dreamlike SUP Sunrise Benagil Tour.

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Yes, we know: Everybody’s talk­ing about the world famous Benagil Cave near Lagoa in Portugal’s south­ern­most Algarve. And yes, we too cov­er this fairy­tale des­ti­na­tion as part of our SUP Sun­rise Benagil Cave tour at its most prob­a­bly best time: The ear­ly morning.

But what you prob­a­bly did­n’t know yet. The Corre­doura Beach which is in itself a true hid­den trea­sure is part of our ear­ly morn­ing tour.
It is only acces­si­ble by boat (or, yes, by stand up pad­dling etc.), and it lures you in with its piraty charm.

And when tide, wind and waves allow, you will be vis­it­ing this true gem exact­ly the way we think it’s best.
Thus being alone with no noisy boats and hords of tourists try­ing to get their pho­tographs and self­ies. But in touch with its true nature, calm and qui­et invit­ing to med­i­ta­tion­al thoughts and con­nect­ing you with your true self.

Custom tailored for groups and according to your schedule

Should you don’t have expe­ri­ence in SUP Stand Up Pad­dle, we will include ele­ments of our SUP Begin­ner Ria For­mosa tour offer­ing enrich­ing expe­ri­ences even for beginners.

For the more roman­tic pad­dlers amongst us, maybe we start your SUP Tour at the end of the day. Just like our most roman­tic SUP Sun­set Ria For­mosa tour. Like this, not only qui­et and relax­ing Stand Up Pad­dling is guar­an­teed. You and your beloved one may share the beau­ti­ful expe­ri­ence to wit­ness the sun sink­ing silent­ly into the sea.

Vis­it­ing Corre­doura Beach on Stand Up Pad­dle board pro­vides a once in a life­time expe­ri­ence, and it’s mem­o­ries will cer­tain­ly last a lifetime.

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Corre­doura Beach
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