Corredoura Beach

Corredoura Beach SUP Paddling

Corredoura Beach: Join us in paddling to this hidden treasure with its piraty charm on our dreamlike SUP Sunrise Benagil Tour.

Yes, we know: Everybody’s talking about the world famous Benagil Cave near Lagoa in Portugal’s southernmost Algarve. And yes, we too cover this fairytale destination as part of our SUP Sunrise Benagil Cave tour at its most probably best time: The early morning.

But what you probably didn’t know yet. The Corredoura Beach which is in itself a true hidden treasure is part of our early morning tour.
It is only accessible by boat (or, yes, by stand up paddling etc.), and it lures you in with its piraty charm.

And when tide, wind and waves allow, you will be visiting this true gem exactly the way we think it’s best.
Thus being alone with no noisy boats and hords of tourists trying to get their photographs and selfies. But in touch with its true nature, calm and quiet inviting to meditational thoughts and connecting you with your true self.

Custom tailored for groups and according to your schedule

Should you don’t have experience in SUP Stand Up Paddle, we will include elements of our SUP Beginner Ria Formosa tour offering enriching experiences even for beginners.

For the more romantic paddlers amongst us, maybe we start your SUP Tour at the end of the day. Just like our most romantic SUP Sunset Ria Formosa tour. Like this, not only quiet and relaxing Stand Up Paddling is guaranteed. You and your beloved one may share the beautiful experience to witness the sun sinking silently into the sea.

Visiting Corredoura Beach on Stand Up Paddle board provides a once in a lifetime experience, and it’s memories will certainly last a lifetime.

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